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We at Reptiles To Go .Com understand that having live exotic reptiles for sale online is an arduous task and we takes our job very seriously by being located in the strategic location nationally to be able to hand-pick your reptiles directly to assure that you receive the best quality there is to offer. We have been selling reptiles since 1992 through our live exotic reptile wholesale company and we have the knowledge and experience as breeders, importers, collectors, and enthusiasts to not only sell you the best reptiles available, but to also give you experienced information on any of the live exotic reptiles for sale online that we have to offer.



Red-Foot Tortoise

Geochelone carbonaria

Red Foot Tortoise For Sale

Red-Foot Tortoise For Sale, $119.99

Red-Foot Tortoises For Sale, $119.99 each Plus $39.95 Overnight Shipping
Continental US Sales Only

Originating from Tropical South America is the beautiful Red-Foot Tortoise. Surprisingly, Red-Foot Tortoises make fascinating pets with their unique personalities and phenomenal owner recognition capabilities. Being one of the largest suppliers of Pet Red-Foot Tortoises for over two decades, we are more than happy to share our vast knowledge of these wonderful Tortoises with our customers. We will also be happy to send photographs of some of our Red-Foot Tortoises, and if possible, provide you with the sex of your Red-Foot Tortoises upon request. Our telephone number and email address are conveniently located on the bottom of every page for ease in contacting us about information regarding owning a Pet Red-Foot Tortoise

*Note: These Red-Foot Tortoises are 4-6" farmed-raised specimens that we hand-select for health, weight, and color. If you would prefer to purchase captive-born babies click here.


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